About Us

Rakshak Infrastructure came into existence in 2012 with the sole aim in mind to provide affordable & reliable end-to-end solutions for Rakshaks (both military and Para-military soldiers) & their families and employees of defence establishments for investment and resettlement across the country. Once Rakshak Infrastructure started taking shape as a Real Estate venture, We in our own small way thought of ways and means of reducing these shortcomings and the idea of having a Placement site was conceived. This site has been solely developed for the ground level veteran who is looking for a second innings near his home town / preferred place of residence and one who is not so highly qualified as to access the Internet routinely.

Through our alliances with many veterans organizations, networks, and other agencies, RakshakRozgar.com is working towards making itself a known name as a top e-recruiting site for the veterans of our armed forces.

There are hundreds of thousands of Veterans and Retired Defence Personnel who are looking for new employment opportunities post retirements. These individuals offer the skills, training and experience needed in virtually every industry including IT, telecom, logistics, security and health care.

These job seekers are often located near employers, so it can be very economical to hire these individuals. Highly skilled, well educated, self-disciplined, with excellent experience and initiative and often having active security clearances, Rakshakrozgar.com offers an efficient and very economical way to recruit from this extremely qualified candidate pool.

Our Mission

Our mission is based on the ideology to create a platform for defence & paramilitary personnel of our country to interact and support each other in the field of legal, technical and social needs during resettlement. Our vision is to operate in all the major cities effectively covering the length and breadth of our country by 2020. This platform would provide placement services to cater for smooth transition of soldiers during resettlement.